segunda-feira, agosto 21, 2006

The creation of a racialist and colonialist territorial

"The creation of a racialist and colonialist territorialentity that styled itself a 'Jewish State',came into being through violence"

"It was by their very own conduct, in every place and at every time,that the Jews, at first welcomed,in the long run brought on the natives' impatience and revolt."

"What Germany, a modern nation, had undertaken in order to save people's lives and ensure her survival in a context of both war and a war economy, the Allies managed, by a clever propaganda, to present as an enterprise of the physical extermination of human beings. Iran and its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have put themselves at the forefront in the struggle against that double myth. It is not only Palestine and the Arabo-Moslem community that should be grateful to them but, as may be seen, the entire world, or just about."

For Hossein Amiri


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