quarta-feira, maio 09, 2007

Um Retiro Espiritual Ideal - A Sua Magia É...


ATARAXIA are a few Italian artists who explore and create music, poetry, theatre and photography and who have dedicated their lives to art. We feel like pilgrims deeply influenced by our geographical and spiritual voyages in places still owning the nobleness of centuries. We have grown-up in a land that is a meeting point between the Mediterranean and Celtic cultures and we feel like wandering menestrels carrying the 'oral tradition' of early times. We define us as 'craftsmen of the sound' because we create an unusual mix of sacred and profane, atmospheric and experimental, contemporary and early music. We make researches into the European legends crossing the Greek and Latin myths. Contemplation, dream experiences, memories and ritual movements float in the magic garden of Psyche and Desire where new textures of notes meet the envelopping echo of classic sounds. Our peculiarity is composing both with acoustic instruments like classic guitar, chitarra battente, darabouka, tablas, tar and other percussions and electric ones like keyboards, synths and drum pads. Our lyrics have been written in many old and contemporary languages, thanks to the charme and richness of different sounds and accents we try to bring to surface the hidden treasures and revelations that each idiom owns.

ATARAXIA best performances take place in fascinating natural or architectural environments where magic flows as it happened in the primordial drama. The stones and the water speak to us. During our live-acts we explore and travel with our listeners in primeval kingdoms, we paint with notes whimsical landscapes. We have a medianic attitude towards creation that's the way to express the divine substance enlightening the living beings, we feel like vibrating channels that can capture, transform and let flow outside the energy surrounding us." this page has been created to support ATARAXIA's music and is freely designed and maintained by daisy. it has been authorized by the band.

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